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This page contains data that I have compiled as well as data from public sources. The inclusion of data from public sources does not imply endorsement of the data or the organization from which it comes. Scholars and others following contemporary politics may find these sources of interest.

International Rankings

Global Think Tank Rankings, 2014

Global Terrorism Index 2015

Global Peace Index 2015

2013 Human Development Report, United Nations Development Programme

International Relations Education in the United States

Reporters Without Borders: For Freedom of Information

Fragile State Index, 2014

Energy Policy

Political Economy

U.S. Fiscal Issues

World Economic Outlook Database, April 2014 Edition, International Monetary Fund

U.S. Grand Strategy

U.S. Military


U.S. Politics

Trend in Party Identification: 1939-2012

U.S. Presidential Outcomes

 U.S. Counterterrorism Policies and Strategies


Cold War

Global War on Terror

Vision of Humanity, Global Terror Index

Iraq War

Women in the Military

Defense Spending and Foreign Aid

SIPRI Military Expenditure Database

 CIRP- US Defense Spending and Foreign Aid

Global Issues, World Military Spending



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